Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
* Price/s quoted are net, excluding delivery, installation and commissioning unless where specified.
* All electrical, gas, plumbing and builder’s work can be done by R&R Services per quotes / or be
undertaken by other sub-contractors. This includes the connecting
of basic services (water and electricity).
* Electrical power for installation purposes to be supplied by the customer.
* It is accepted that all equipment will have surge protected electrical supply, as well as clean and treated water supply.
Failing this any warranty cover on the equipment may be voided for electrical and water damage.
 R&R Services and Industrial Equipment cc does not allow credit accounts
 All sales are COD only
ALl work under R 10 000 requires full deposit
IF Only spares ordered then full payment also required
* A 50% deposit is required upon acceptance of the order/contract, with the balance on or before dispatching of the order.
* NO goods will be released without payment having been received in full and cleared in our bank account.
* COD orders in excess of R50 000-00 to be accompanied by a Bank Guarantee
* Orders quoted in foreign currencies are subject to exchange rate fluctuations from date of quote. A price adjustment will be required in the event of the Rand moving by 3%.
*NO Order will be accepted without an official written Purchase Order from the client accompanied by signed R&R Services quote in acceptance
* Should the delivery or installation be delayed due to the site not being ready or any other delays beyond our control, storage facilities will be provided for the equipment at cost to the customer.
*The customer agrees to sign a waiver of lien in such circumstances whereafter payment would be due. Therefore delays in site readiness does not result in payment to R&R Services being delayed past 7 days from date of statement.
* Should a dispute arise over specific equipment compliance to requirement, it is a condition of this quotation that the client, other than agreed upon retention, will withhold no other funds in relation to the specific terms.
An interest charge of 15.5% p.a. will be levied on all overdue balances E & O E

Notwithstanding delivery of the goods and transfer of possession thereof to the purchaser and / or the installation Thereof, the ownership of such goods shall not pass to the purchaser, but shall remain vested in R&R Services until full Payment of the purchase price has been received by R&R Services.

* Locally sourced and/or manufactured products – standard lead times 3 to 6 weeks
* Imported products – estimated lead time 8 – 12 weeks
* Exact lead times will be communicated at the time of the order and should lead times be longer than the periods indicated above due to circumstances outside our control, this will be communicated to the client.

* Returns will only be accepted if goods are UNUSED and in ORIGINAL packaging and returned to R&R Services within 20 days from date of delivery to the client.
* There is NO Guarantee on any electronics ex PC boards.
* Specially Manufactured items on orders WILL NOT be accepted back after delivered to client.
A 15% handling fee will be charged for all returns.

* 15% Handling Fee will be charged to client for cancellation of written orders.
* Specially Manufactured items on order WILL NOT BE allowed to be cancelled once manufacturing has commenced at cost to the customer.
* 12 Month warranty on all equipment, , for manufacturing defaults or mechanical breakdown, under condition that all equipment is operated in accordance with manufacturer specification.
* Warranty will be voided should standard operating and maintenance procedures (as per manufactures guidelines) not be adhered to by properly trained staff.
* Should equipment be operated before official handover to the client the warranty will be voided. The warranty does not cover abuse or fair wear and tear or operator damage or any damage to electrical parts due
to power
* 3 Month warranty on all mechanical replacement parts purchased from R&R Services.
* NO warranty on electrical parts.
* A valid warranty claim can only be honored once the customer has provided R&R Services with the serial number of the item, as wall as an R&R Services invoice number on which the item was supplied.
Travel, accommodation and labour cost of technicians are EXCLUDED from the warranty
Travel, Accommodation and Labor will be quoted on, and an official written order will be requested before any work will commence.

* All finished floor levels must provide an even surface suitable for the support of the equipment to be installed.
* All electrical, steam, plumbing and building work is the client’s responsibility unless quoted by R&R Services.
* Connecting of services to be undertaken by other subcontractors, and all services to be provided with suitable isolators, steam reticulation, gas regulators, p traps etc.
* It will be the responsibility of the main contractor to ensure that adequate precautions are taken to prevent unauthorized access to the equipment delivered to site and that adequate security is provided.
* Ascot will not be held responsible for any damages to equipment should proper storage and security not be in place.
* Once the equipment has been positioned, the main contractor will ensure that the equipment is not interfered with in any way, failing which the warranty will be voided.

* The customer is to ensure that all operators are present for scheduled training.

* All equipment is manufactured according to our standard method and tooling.
* It will be the responsibility of the main contractor to ensure that there is reasonable access to the site for the delivery of equipment.
* Provision of services such as isolators with cabling equipment, water inlets, stopcocks and drains, steam traps etc. can be supplied by R&R Services per quotes, or can be provided by others but then there is no warranty.
* All modifications to suit requirements other than specified, will be allowed for in variation orders and, paid for as a condition of the contract, alternatively, if no variation order is allowed for, then these additional costs
will be for the client’s account, and payment cannot be withheld.
* Ascot will not accept any liability for loss of damage of equipment during transport if any third party purveyor is utilised. The client must at all times ensure that proper insurance cover is in place for the transportation of
goods by third parties.

Our quotation is valid for 7 days and is calculated at the exchange rate on date of quote.
Client Representative accepting this quote has been duly authorized to enter into this agreement
Client’s dedicated Accounts person handling payment of account:
Client and authorized signatory:
Contact Number:
Terms and conditions for warranty
All electrical warranty as specified by suppliers with all neccassry protection in place by client as needed eg: Filters, rotary isolator, Protection transformer, lightening and surge protection, chokes, line filters Fuses and circuit breakers
All Pneumatic
High flow automatic drain water trap & regulator and if needed oiler with grade A oil which water trap must be emptied Once a day

Water and steam equipment must have filters or strainers before reaching equipment
NO leaks and flex to be passive as required on vibration of movable parts and before and after equipment as on a line

Hydraulic as specified on Grade A oil
Electronic Required, all filters, protection, surge protection, fuses and transformers

NO TAMPERING with wiring , pipes and belts

Drivebelts and chains to be regularly lubricated

Nomex and Meleton as per manufacturers requirements of ironing 1,2,3 and not let machine work without ironing material

PLC Board no warranty even with manufacturer
Display and switches require all protection