Due to the fact R&R Services has been for past year using LS smart relays & VSD, we have been given the oppurtunity to be on sales, support and program partner for LSIS SA in Limpopo and Mpumalanga and Swaziland

LSIS | VSD 0.4kW-800kW | Power supply for PLC

Plc boards with different modules for different uses:

Laundry-washers, dryers, finishers | Kitchen- Ovens, provers, Baking equipment | Steam for control | Mines various equipment | Saw mills regulated automation controls | Expandable PLC

Probes: Temperature , water

HMI: Human machine interface up to IP65on some equipment | HMI 4”-15”

Contactors normal open/close 9A-110A

Uses of LSiS:

  • We do automation of all equipment by fitting a PLC to regulate speed, temperature, pressure, water flow, level of liquids and more.
  • PLC fast communication and faster instruction times
  • Controllable via I/O or XGB cards or some has a etherCAT-based
  • We are using PLC also on;
  • Laundry equipment: Washers, dryers, finishers, roller ironers, tunnel finisher, feeders and folders on a roller ironed and feeder conveyer belts and more
  • Kitchen: provers, ovens, bread baking equipment automation and more
  • Steam: control valves, flow of steam, automation and control of heat and more
  • Conveyor: flow of conveyor belts, stopping and starting and speed, distributing of different objects as required:
  • plates for dishing up
  • Linen on conveyor to load to a washer or dryer with weighing sensor to show the load being loaded and more
  • Saw mills: controlling feed and size on cutting of wood, sizing partitioning and more
  • PLC to replace old pc boards and to do the same or more functions

    We can supply all the different accessories for measuring weight, water, air pressures, temperature, flow and speed

    Single PLC that can do single objects to multiple objects @ different stages and @ different speeds.


Touch screen (HMI):

Some of the HMI is IP66 aluminium frame

HMI displays fo the PLC or different make of PLC,

HMI from 4” up to 15” and can communicate with other objects like computers and other display equipment (tv or internet) Multiple interface

Extra support on Power supplies for HMI


Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

Communication via Modbus, RS485 or inputs from relays

0.4kW to 800kW in different voltage input (230v, 400v, 525v & 690v) as per requirement

Auto tuning motor parameters. VSD for fan and pump function with build in protection and clean function. Some IP66 versions

Used in water pumps for better pressure on hotels, lodges, housing etc EG: Whether you open 1 tap or 4 taps your pressure remains constant not weaken. Regulates the pressure Can put solar panels on VSD to run borehole pumps Solar panels with VSD and pump depends on flow rate of water



Normal open and normal close contacts on all contactors
24v, 230v and 400v coils
6amps to 800amps
Various accessories
Perfect system with peripheral devices
No Arc exposure via sealed structure
Din rail friendly
4 terminal type for easy wiring of coil

Product videos

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