Kitchen Equipment

Bain marie options

Gas/electric | Freestanding/countertop |  2/3/6/8 insert [inserts quoted on separate] | Small/large inserts of different sizes and depths [enquire separately]


Conveyor/hood type/ glass | Hood Type | Optional inlet tables with or without splashback for mounting | Pre rinse spray arm on request | Racks are add on extras on request. Drain pump kits optional on all dishwashers


Chip/fish | Free standing/countertop | 5, 10, 20l variants | One basket/two basket/ three basket | Baskets no side handles | Baskets included with machine | 5l does aprox 6kg fires per hour | 10l aprox 8kg fries per hour | 20l aprox 40kg fries per hour. Double pan has oil tank with slip away handles for easy removal

Coffee tea: Urns

12, 16 , 20 , 30 litres available

Jacket pots

135l/225/ | S/S inner and outer shell | Bulk cooking | Thick insulation | s/s lid with heat insulated handle | safety over thermostat

Planetary mixer

Freestanding | 20l/40l/60l | Standard with safety guard, dough hook, whisk and flat beater

Dough mixer

20l/30l/40l/50l | Counter | Have fixed head mixing bowl | Spiral ensures perfect mixed dough. s/s protection grid | electronic timer/ 2 speed motor


Pot/ preparation/ Hand basin | Single/double | Waste outlet | S/S legs with adjustable feet | Shelves optional S/S or galvanised | Splashback / no splashback. Sizes vary Quote on closest size per requests

Steam pot

Hinged lid to pedestal [no burn when open] | Insulated lid and body | Direct water feed to steam generator | 40l/60l/80/100/120l/150l options | Equipped : steam generator/ auto steam pressure control pressure limit/ | Safety valve / boiling away protection / tilting protector/ strength reducer/ tilt speed reducing


Plain top/ with splashback/ with cupboard sliding door

Optional extras:

S/S shelving or galvanized shelving | Tubular rack S/S or galvanized | S/S face drawer able to lock set of four plain fixed or swivel | Different Sizes available on request

Tilting pan


Pedastal mount | Thermostatically controlled from 50 ̊C – 250 ̊C | Pan suspended on trunnions with bushes providing smooth tilt operation by means of a worm and wheel mechanism | Spring-balanced lid with heat-resistant handle | Tilt-up element for easy cleaning


Suitable for deep and shallow frying of meat, poultry, fish and potatoes | Used for braising, searing, boiling and steaming| Stainless steel, 1.2mm thick lid with a cast iron pan between heavy duty | U-shaped pedestal which is self supporting | Stainless steel cladded enclosed pedestal prevents dirt from entering | Tilt-up element for easy cleaning


Conveyor/ 9 slice flat// 4 slice medium/


Non-stick surface | Adjustable handle | Independent plate control enables operator to use flat top only, while the top plate is switched off.


Up to 225 slices per hour | Electronic browning controls | Four self-centering bread racks | Removable crumb trays


Power On and Toaster ready indicator lights | Cool-touch panels | Super high output of up to 450 slices per hour | Ultra-fast, 5 minute heat-up time | Accommodates thick bread and bagels

Speed control and energy-saving standby functions

Lightweight and portable with thermal-insulated carry handles

Potato peeler

Peels 30kg potatoes per minute | Stainless steel unit | Operated with a redactor system. Timer stops the machine automatically when scheduled time is over | Evacuation from the front of unit | Stabilised feet

Pie warmer

lluminated display and superb product visibility offers excellent point-of-sale value | Convenient front and rear sliding doors | Humidity pan prevents drying out |Suitable for bakeries, takeaway and convenience stores | Thermostatically controlled heater, temp range 50°C – 90°C

Plate warmer

S/S double wall | Adjustable shelf | Max 60 plates | Thermostat controlled with pilot light | Ideal buffets and catering